10 Low Impact Hunting Tips

by HuntingFreak

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Putting too much pressure on a hunting property might be the single biggest mistake that hunters make.

The key to harvesting a mature buck is to not let him know he’s being hunted.

Low impact hunting is an art and when it’s implemented correctly can be a deadly tactic for taking a mature buck.

We’ve put together a list of the top low impact hunting tips.

Set Stands Early – A tree stand is best because it can be hidden more effectively than a ground blind. Set your stands early in the year.

The absolute best time to set new stands is in January and February when things are bare and everything looks like it does during hunting season.

Don’t Trim Too Much – Obviously you want some shooting lanes but be cautions of trimming too much. Altering an area too much can make a mature buck leery.

This is another reason hanging stands in the winter is better than doing it in August when the foliage is thick.

Access To Your Stand – Be sure you have a good game plan for slipping in and out of your stand locations undetected.

Before choosing a spot to set your stand consider your travel route in and out.

Getting to and from your stand undetected is a key to low impact hunting. See related article: Enter and Exit Your Stands Like a Ninja

No Metallic Noises – It may not be as important if you’re setting a stand early enough in the year but the closer to hunting season it is the quieter you need to be.

Especially true if you are sneaking into an area during season to ambush a particular buck. Any foreign unnatural noises may spook deer from the area for good.

Trail Camera Low Impact Deer HuntingUsing Trail Cameras – A trail camera can give you great intel on bucks using a particular area. Just be sure not to over pressure the deer by constantly checking the camera.

Check your cameras on rainy days so you aren’t as noisy getting in and out and any scent left behind will be washed away. You might also consider using one of the newer cellular trail cameras

Hunt It At The Right Time – Don’t hunt your low impact area until you feel the time and the conditions are right.

Whether it’s opening day and you’re trying to surprise a buck still on his summer feeding pattern or you move in during the rut wait until conditions are ideal.

Scent Free is a Must – Be as scent free as possible. Rubber boots should be worn so no scent is left behind. See related article: 7 Scent Control Tips For Deer Hunting

Use scent control clothing, scent eliminating field sprays, an ozone machine like Ozonics or a combination of them all.

Scent Free Low Impact Hunting
Play the Wind – On top of scent elimination you’ll also want to hunt with the ideal wind direction. Don’t be tempted to go into your low impact area unless the wind is right. See related article: Playing the Wind

You might consider setting several stands for different wind directions.

Get There Early – Whether hunting in the morning or afternoon be sure to get there earlier than normal. An hour or more before dark can mean the difference.

In the afternoon when a mature buck might be bedded close by give yourself plenty of time to sneak in slowly and quietly.

Don’t Over Hunt The Area – Don’t over hunt a particular area. Once you’ve hunted a spot a few times with the conditions being right, don’t be tempted to keep hunting it over and over.

This is easier said than done but over-hunting a spot will eventually tip deer off to your presence.

It helps to have a large tract of land where you can have several low impact hunting areas. If possible having multiple farms to hunt can work well too.

Also be sure that other hunters on your property are aware of your low impact areas whether it’s a sanctuary or an entire farm.

Conclusion – There are many strategies that go into deer hunting but in order to kill big bucks consistently it boils down to low pressure. Implement these low impact hunting tips and you’ll get more opportunities to harvest a mature buck.

If you have other low impact hunting tips please feel free to leave your comments below.


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