An Affordable Ozone Generator and Proof That It Works

by HuntingFreak

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We’re starting to hear more and more about ozone generators for eliminating human odors so deer and other game can’t detect us.

So is it just another gimmicky product convincing us to spend our hard earned money? Or does it actually work?

I’d been eyeballing a unit for sometime but was having trouble pulling the trigger due to the expensive price tag.

The Ozonics units for example can retail for $350 and up. The other concern I had was the humming noise the units produce while running.

I’ve heard reports that the noise doesn’t bother the deer as long as they don’t smell danger but it was still a concern for me.

Even if it doesn’t bother the deer, how well can I hear deer coming if there is a constant humming noise in my ear?

Ozone Generators are Nothing New

During some research I ran across some people experimenting with a much cheaper ozone generator being sold as a filter-less air purifier sanitizer/deodorizer that can pretty much be used anywhere (home, office, boat, car, etc.) It simply plugs into the wall and operates using a timer dial.

The unit I found was the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator. It can be purchased on Amazon for less than $100. I read a guy’s testimonial that had been sprayed by a skunk. He hung his rather smelly garments in a closet and turned on the ozone generator.

Six hours later the smell was completely gone!

Real-estate agents use them to eliminate pet odors in houses, car dealerships use them to get rid of nasty cigarette odors in vehicles, and restoration companies use them to eliminate musty smells and/or smoke odors from a fire.

The bottom line is they work and always have!

How Ozone Generators Work

Ozone generators produce an O3 molecule that attaches to O2 (oxygen) molecules and destroys them, hence destroying any odors they are carrying.

Once these scent molecules are destroyed they do not return unless of course the source of the smell reoccurs.

Scent eliminating ozone Ozone is Mother Nature’s way of sanitizing the earth. For example, Ozone is naturally created during a thunderstorm by lightning.

The way an ozone generator works is by high voltage jolting across metal. A fan then circulates the ozone molecules into the air (hence the humming noise).

Although you wouldn’t want to sit there and breathe ozone for an extended period of time, it is safe to be around and has never shown to cause humans any type of harm in all of its existence from the beginning of time.

The Research Continues

In continuing my research I found that hunters were creating a make shift ozone room by simply hanging plastic in the corner of their garage or basement. Some simply used an existing closet or small bedroom.

They would hang all their clothes and put all their hunting equipment in the room an hour or so prior to hunting and crank on the ozone generator.

So basically instead of a battery powered unit hanging in the tree or ground blind with you, it would be used to sanitize everything you were going to wear and carry into the field prior to heading out.

I decided for less than $100 it was worth a try. Let me tell you the results have been freaking amazing! Yes I said freaking amazing. What I have stumbled upon is by far the biggest advantage I have ever encountered during my 25 years of hunting.

The War Against Foreign Odors

I am an avid bow hunter so scent has always been the biggest factor in success or failure of hunting mature bucks. I’ve used everything from coon piss and dirt wafers to scent control clothing and field sprays to hide, mask or eliminate my odors.

The ozone generator has given me 10x the advantage as all of these methods put together hands down.

Scent eliminating ozone Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that these other methods don’t work. I still wear scent control clothing.

I do believe that the charcoal lining technology does trap most of your human odors. But the problem is the very outer exposed layer of clothing. You see it holds foreign odors just like anything else.

I’ve washed my clothes in scent control laundry detergent and then hung them outside to dry.

I then activate the clothing in the dryer like recommended and toss them immediately into a plastic bag and into my scent free tote.

I shower before I hunt using a scent free wash and dress outside at my hunting location. I wear rubber boots and spray down with a scent eliminating field spray.

But guess what? I still get winded every so often and it ticks me off because I spend a lot of time, effort and money for that NOT to happen!

Even if playing the wind correctly you can’t always determine which direction deer are going to come from.

I don’t care how careful you are or which brand of scent eliminating clothing you wear, you can’t stop foreign odors from penetrating the outer layer, and that is what deer pick up on.

I would go as far to say that deer can smell the laundry soap we use even if it is a scent control brand. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can smell the field spray I use and I’ve tried all types.

That or those sprays do not actually eliminate odors like they claim they do because I’ve drowned myself in that crap and still have gotten winded.

Anytime you take your clothes out of their scent free bag or tote, odors are attaching to them. Foreign odors that deer are not used to. So it seemed liked no matter what I tried nothing was full proof.

That was until I started using the Enerzen Ozone Generator. Any ozone generator will work but this is the particular one I use. I still practice all the other methods I’ve mentioned like washing my clothes, showering and so on.

But in addition, I’ve cleared out a small coat closet that has become what I call my Ozone Scrubbing Closet.

Ah, There’s Nothing Like the Smell of Fresh Ozone in the Morning

I got into the habit of getting up and hanging all my hunting clothes that I plan on wearing that day in the closet. I place my bow, backpack, binos, rangefinders, release, quiver and boots in the closet as the ozone flows freely.

Luckily I have an outlet in my closet but if not I could just run an extension cord.

After 20-30 minutes, and after I’ve showered, I dress and immediately walk out the door when hunting by the house or I stuff it all into a plastic bag and into my tote. I then get dressed outside my truck at the hunting property.

The Ozone Field Test

The first time I hunted after using the ozone generator I decided not to use field spray so not to alter the ozone test results, which was rather difficult for me because I’ve always used it. But I couldn’t believe what happened that morning.

I had two different adult does come right underneath my tree and around the downwind side. You know as well as I do a big doe will bust your ass as often if not more often than a mature buck.

There was a slight wind that day and I could see my breath drifting towards them.

Alert whitetail doe Unbelievably each doe, about 10 minutes apart walked into that downwind zone where they would normally look up at me.

Followed by the all too familiar head bob, foot stomp, blow and run off and continue blowing just to deflate me even more.

Instead they each looked up at me, did the head bob trying to get me to move, which I did not, and licked their noses to capture even more scent molecules.

I could hear them sniffing the air like my dog whenever we have pizza delivered to the house. All while still staring right at me.

But then something amazing happened. Instead of blowing the alarm and running a country mile they twitched their tail to indicate every thing was safe and continued about their way browsing and walking off.

I could not believe it, I had fooled the nose of a mature whitetail!

As the season went on, time and time again I was not getting winded in situations I normally would have been. So I began to press the issue and hunt in heavy cover, high deer traffic areas I usually stay out of.

On opening morning of Indiana firearm season I was dumbfounded once again by the supreme power of ozone.

Firearm season in our area is like a war zone. Most of our land neighbors where we hunt do not practice QDM like we do but rather have a “if it’s brown it’s going down” mentality.

Needless to say deer flooded into our native grasses and heavy cover areas for safety. That morning I had 22 does and 6 bucks walk within bow range.

I had deer all around me that morning. Upwind and downwind the deer filtered by me as the cracking sound of gunfire in the distance interrupted a beautiful sunrise.

Alert whitetail buck Again I had deer look right at me as they walked into my downwind stream but they would not spook.

One adult doe even sniffed my pull rope I had just used to lift my bow up. Unfortunately none of the bucks I saw that morning were shooters but what an amazing hunt.

What I learned for sure that morning was that some of the deer definitely smelled something when directly downwind of me.

Some of them would look at me and head bob in attempt to get me to move. But when I didn’t move and what they smelled didn’t indicate danger, they would go about their business.

I could still smell the ozone on myself, especially on my facemask. It has a very strange yet distinct smell. But in my opinion because ozone is naturally occurring it does not frighten the deer.

Perhaps there were some very slight foreign odors mixed in with what they were picking up on like my breath for instance (not that I have bad breath but you get what I’m saying) but it just wasn’t enough to alert them.

I was fortunate enough to harvest a mature buck on the second day of firearm season. He was not downwind of me when I shot him but I had seen enough proof that ozone generators are the real deal.

Ozone Generating Products Will Be the New Craze

Prepare yourself for the ride because I believe ozone-generating products are going to be the next craze in the hunting industry.

We are already seeing portable units like Ozonics and companies like Scent Master and Scent Crusher producing ozone totes, bags and closets.

I’m not saying don’t support these companies or that it’s all hype, all I’m saying is for less than $100 I purchased a little Commercial Ozone Generator off Amazon and the results I’ve experienced this hunting season have blown my mind.

Hands down the best scent-eliminating product I’ve ever used in 25 years of hunting and I won’t hunt again without it.

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions about this product or the use of it just comment below.

Thanks for reading and happy ozone scrubbing!

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