Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show Bans Display and Sale of Certain Guns – Cabelas Among Others Drop Out

by HuntingFreak

Second Amendment Rights

The troubling wave of attacks on our Second Amendment Right is certainly unsettling. With every disturbing gun crime that is committed the fight against guns only grows stronger. Like most hunters, sport shooters, gun enthusiasts, and responsible gun owners we are deeply saddened when these senseless brutalities occur. But we also strongly believe that guns in general are not the problem and we must stand up and protect our rights just as our forefathers did.

It has been the decision of Reed Exhibitions, the promoter of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show (ESOS) near Harrisburg, PA to ban the display or sale of any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds and all semi-automatic weapons at the show.

This is the official announcement off their website:

“As a hunting-focused event, we welcome exhibitors who wish to showcase products and firearms that serve the traditional needs of the sport. Clearly, we strongly support the 2nd Amendment. However, this year we have made the decision not to include certain products that in the current climate may attract negative attention that would distract from the strong focus on hunting and fishing at this family-oriented event and possibly disrupt the broader positive experience of our guests.”

This decision clearly roots from the recent school shooting in Newtown, CT that claimed the lives of 20 children and 6 women which refueled the gun control debate.

Despite being Pennsylvania’s largest outdoor sports show, many vendors feel like the ESOS and its promoter have raised a hypocritical boot and kicked sportsmen square in the nuts. In support of the 2nd Amendment many vendors are withdrawing from the show following the announcement.

Cabelas, the event’s major sponsor, announced that it would not participate at the show held February 2-10, 2013 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA.

A post from Cabelas facebook page:

“Due to recent changes made by Reed Exhibitions regarding the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, Cabela’s will no longer sponsor this year’s event. After careful consideration regarding Cabela’s business practices, and the feelings of our customers, Cabela’s will, unfortunately, not have a presence at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show.”

Other participants dropping from the show include Bowhunting.com, Kinsey’s Outdoors, Lancaster Archery Supply, and Trop Elite Equipment to name a few and the list continues to grow. Michael Waddell posted “me nor any of the BC team will be at the Eastern Sports Show in PA this year.” Lee Lakosky said in an interview with deer and deer hunting, “We can’t support a show that doesn’t completely support the Second Amendment.” Pat Reeve, co-host of Driven TV also released a statement saying, “All of us (TV people) have banded together and are supporting each other in the decision to back out of the Eastern Sports Show.” Add to the list of dropouts Jim and Eva Shockey and TV personality Larry Weishuhn.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) presented its own statement saying it “strongly disagrees” with the decision to ban “modern sporting rifles” from the show. They go on to say the decision “has come as a surprise and concern.” Adding that they “encourage all attendees to stand and fight for the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and not cower from our principles in the face of media pressure. We urge you to follow the NRA and the outdoor industry’s lead by voicing your displeasure with Reed Exhibitions both before and during the show, and encourage them to reconsider their position.”

We here at THO support our right to keep and bear arms. It’s unknown if Reed Exhibitions predicted causing such an uproar but we feel it was a spineless decision made in the face of media pressure. They are clearly hypocritical saying they, “strongly support the 2nd Amendment.” We need strong supporters to stand up and fight, not those trying to play both sides. Either you believe in your gun rights or you surrender them. Playing neutral and trying to please everyone is not the kind of stance that will keep America the great country that it is.

Thanks for reading and God Bless America!

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