Tis the Season

by HuntingFreak

Early season deer hunting

I’m not talking about Christmas, it’s deer hunting season in most parts of the country. This is the season that so many hunters live for and it is only getting started. Hopefully you’ve been practicing so you can make that critical shot when it presents itself.  I will post updates and news as it comes in about record kills, rutting activity, and how the season is shaping up. Hopefully we will see an increase in mature bucks being harvested and a decrease in the dinks. Here in Indiana, we have noticed an increase in  big bucks ever since they implemented the “one buck” rule a few years back. I wish everyone a successful season and keep coming back to stay up to date on what is going on around the hunting world.

Feel free to comment and let us all know how your season is shaping up. Good luck and we’ll see you back here soon!

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