Locating Spring Turkeys | 3 Best Methods

by HuntingFreak

Locating Spring Turkeys

There are many variables when it comes to spring turkey hunting. But one fact remains obvious, you have to locate a bird before you can have a shot at it. There is definitely more than one way of locating spring turkeys – here are 3 of our favorite methods.

Calling All Toms

Using a call can be an effective method for locating a turkey. Early in the morning before setting up, use a shock call – a tom will most likely shock gobble back giving away his position.

Another method is to make a few light hen yelps early in the morning just before the birds start to fly down from their roost. A tom will note the anxious hen’s position and hopefully fly down in your direction.

Set Up Some Decoys

I took a nice tom last year by placing a hen and jake decoy 20 yards out. A gobbler flew from his roost right at the decoys allowing me to fill my tag less than an hour into the hunt.

It’s best to create a calming scene. Use a head-down or feeding hen decoy. Head upright decoys can communicate distress or unease particularly if both decoys are looking in the same direction.

Listen For Them To Roost

A great way of locating turkeys is to hone in on them the night before. Many times in the evening I’ve heard birds roosting. Using a spotting scope I noted the roost trees and knew right where to set up the next morning.

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