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by HuntingFreak

Quality Deer Management

Deer hunting has changed drastically over the past decade. For a lot of serious deer hunters, just sitting in a stand on opening morning isn’t enough anymore. We are now deer and land managers literally trying to grow the deer that we hunt.

Deer management used to be thought of as planting a food plot but it’s so much more than that. As defined by the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), it is the dedication to ensuring a high quality and sustainable future for whitetail deer, wildlife habitat, and our hunting heritage. It’s an effort to create and maintain a healthy and socially balanced deer herd.

With quality deer management, it seems like we are constantly learning. Besides trying to learn all the proven methods, new techniques and ideas are being brought to the table by the ones paving the way for a more balanced and quality deer herd.

One of those leaders is Dr. Grant Woods. He is a wildlife biologist and consultant specializing in land and deer management. He is definitely a pioneer in the quality deer management movement and continues to passionately teach what he has learned through his experience.

A great source of his information is found in his website called  It’s a huge collection of weekly videos that he puts out to help you better understand what goes into quality wildlife management. The management methods he shares are tested, proven, documented, and filmed on his own private farm near Branson, Missouri.

The website’s videos cover strategies for food plots, hunting techniques for both deer and turkey, predator trapping, herd monitoring, timber management, prescribed fire information, and much more. The videos are high quality and the innovative website also has a blog and a helpful FAQ section. is certainly one of our favorite resources for quality land and wildlife management and it should be one of yours if you are serious about deer hunting and management.

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