Social Media Brings a Wave of New Generation Anti-Hunters

by HuntingFreak

Social Media and the Anti Hunter

Nothing has been more beneficial to bloggers, merchants, communities, organizations, and companies of all types than the huge shift social media has caused.

Being able to communicate to followers through posts, tweets, and images is really astounding if you think about it.

At Trophy Hunting Obsession we use Facebook, Twitter, Pineterest, and Instagram to connect with all types of people in the hunting industry.

Most of the interaction is positive and is helpful to everyone. If there is a downside, and maybe somehow it does have a silver lining, it’s that haters can easily attack you and criticize you for what you are promoting.

Attack of the Cyber Anti Hunters

This type of new generation anti-hunter seems to be mostly formed of young teens and adults whom have nothing better to do. I call them cyber anti-hunters because although they find it easy to bash hunting using social media you aren’t likely to see them leading any anti hunter rallies or conventions – that would be too much work.

They will however post comments displaying their hatred for hunters and insist that we are despicable walks of life that kill innocent creatures for no reason. I’ve seen them get pretty harsh with their words and not only ruffle the feathers of the page owner but everyone involved in the comments and fans of that page.

At first it upset me and I would usually reply back and get into this weird cyber type argument with someone I didn’t even really know. Sure I could read their strange user name profile and see that they were vegetarian, a horse lover, and loves to sing – but really I don’t know them on a personal level.

Social media makes it easy for them to express their negative opinion of you. What I have learned is that these are mostly people who are uneducated about hunting and are only acting out of their own negative thoughts and feelings.

They obviously have other issues in their life and feel the need to attack a group of people they don’t fully understand just to make themselves feel better. Or they are just so passionate about animals that they can’t see straight and swear we are working under the orders of Satan and killing all creatures just for fun.

Cave Painting of HuntingThey have no clue that controlling the population of a species of animal is actually vital to the existence of that species. Or that God said in Genesis – Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant.

As responsible hunters we have the right to defend what we believe in and should – but not at the expense of getting into social media feuds with ignorant people.

Especially with some kid that is sitting on their bed, listening to music, licking the nacho powder off their fingers, and spreading hatred through their high tech devices.

To be honest it’s pointless and only spreads negativity about our sport and industry.

Speaking for Most Hunters

Just to clear the air with anyone who proclaims to be an anti-hunter – that’s great, you are entitled to your opinion. I can only speak for myself but I feel like most hunters that I know would agree that unless we ask you, we really don’t give a rat’s ass!

Find positive things to rave about on the social cloud. Giving all your energy to things you find appalling and are totally against only brings more of it into your life.

Let’s get this straight – I’m a hunter not a murderer. I don’t shoot every living creature that walks by me just to kill it.

I do my best to make a quick humane shot so the animal doesn’t suffer. I’m grateful for the opportunity to hunt and provide for my family. I know in my heart I am doing the right thing. I’m hunting as nature intended us to do.

Most hunters I know and associate with have the same values.

Hunting Helps in Many Ways

Hunting helps keep population in check – I am guessing you have never seen an animal die of disease or starvation? These are Natures seemingly cruel ways of controlling the population of a species that gets out of control.

I have seen images of a deer dying of starvation because there wasn’t enough food to provide for the over populated herd. It takes 7 whole days for an animal to starve to death and it is horrifying and extremely sad to witness.

Hunters give back way more than they take – As a hunter, I  give back to the land and to wildlife. I plant food for the deer, turkey, and other wildlife. I put out mineral blocks to give them extra nutrition. I work hard to grow certain plants and foliage that give them extra cover and security. I want the herd to be healthy and thrive.

Yes I plan on hunting them, but I normally only hunt the older more mature animals. I have had literally hundreds of deer within shooting range of my stand throughout the season. I watch, I observe, and I connect on a level you would never understand just by watching a creature in its own habitat behaving like it was meant to.

There are seasons that go by that I don’t harvest any deer or turkey. If the right opportunity doesn’t present itself then I go home empty handed and I’m okay with that. I’m not out there just to kill something.

Hunting puts food on the table – When I do harvest an animal it gets processed and becomes meat for my table or someone else’s table that needs it. We have given meat to programs like Hunters for the Hungry and to needy families. The animal never goes to waste.

Why Hang it on the Wall?

One argument I always hear is that putting the animal’s head on the wall isn’t something God intended. Well I will agree to that, but God never intended for teenage girls to worship boy bands or for people to be addicted to smart phones either.

I do have some deer, turkey, and fish mounts on the wall but it has more meaning than just holding their heads up and pounding my chest yelling, “me kill, me kill!”

For me to look at any of my mounts is a vivid memory of the hunt I had with that animal. I still get goose bumps thinking about the successful hunt of each one and I’ll be forever grateful for that opportunity.

To me it is more out of respect to the animal. If it lived a long life and was a mature creature it deserves to be mounted. To look at it I still see an extraordinary animal that did what it could to survive but died at my hands to provide meat for our survival and so goes the circle of life.

Don’t Be So Quick to Judge

I along with most hunters I know love all animals and creatures. I have the greatest respect for nature and all wildlife. So although we have different opinions of hunting, I don’t think we really have the right to judge each other or to spread negativity.

I believe in hunting just as strongly as you are against it – Let that sink in and remember it the next time you have an urge to express your love of animals by bashing hunters. Because it really goes against how you want people to perceive you.

God Bless.

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