Top 10 Gifts for Hunters

by HuntingFreak

The Best Gifts for Hunters

You may mistake any serious hunter in route to their stand for a one man expedition team headed deep into the bush. We carry more hunting gear on us than Kmart does on their shelves. There is a new surprise lurking in every pack, pocket, and zipper you can find. So what do you buy the avid hunter that has it all? Something that would put a smile on any hunter’s face that’s what. We’ve put together our top 10 gift choices that will have them wondering how you did it. We’ll keep it our little secret. We’ve put the average price range next to each suggestion to make it easy for you.

1. You Called It ($8-$50)

Guaranteed every hunter has multiple calls in their arsenal. But as a hunter I would gladly accept another turkey or deer call if it was given to me. Hunters know that animals don’t always respond to a particular call. Some days this will work and other days it won’t. You have to carry multiple calls to be successful. With deer, turkey, or any type of species the right call can make all the difference.

2. They Won’t Be Able to Stand It ($79-$300)

Most every hunter hunts from a tree stand and you can never have enough of them. Most hunters stick with one type of stand so find out if they prefer a climber stand, ladder stand, loc on, or tower stand. When it comes to tree stands, safety, a comfortable seat, and a big platform are the most important factors to any hunter.

3. A Blind Gift ($60-$300)

Not all hunters use a tree stand but many enjoy hunting from a ground blind. Even hunters that do use stands will also use ground blinds occasionally and most any turkey hunter will tell you popping up a ground blind is deadly for bagging a big tom. Like tree stands, these vary widely in price. I can tell you, if they bowhunt they’ll need a blind with some room like the hub style blinds. With ground blinds, you’ll get what you pay for so do some research first.

4. Rock Their Socks Off ($10-$20)

Every hunter that hunts in cold weather will appreciate a good pair of warm socks. From merino wool socks to heated socks you really can’t go wrong here.

5. Make Them Reboot ($60-$250)

This gift idea is more for the close family members. Boots tend to be a personal preference with most hunters plus you’ll need to know their boot size. If they’ve been flipping through the Cabelas or Bass Pro catalogs drooling at hunting boots, then maybe a few nonchalant type questions can steer you in the right direction. We like any hunting boot that is waterproof, warm, and comfortable. For some hunters, being scent free is important so that would narrow it down to rubber boots as opposed to leather or canvas types.

6. Worth a Thousand Words ($10-$30)

This one is a bit unique but all of us here agree we would love this for a gift. Most hunters are proud of their trophies and odds are they took a few pictures when they bagged a buck or a big tom turkey. At most it gets posted on Facebook or printed off on regular copy paper just to show their buddies. Most guys won’t go to the extent of printing a nice 5×7 or 4×6 glossy picture and framing it, that’s where you come in. Get a hold of the original picture or file without them knowing and work your magic. Try one of these hunting picture frames, they’ll love it.

7. The Gift of Warmth ($3-$50)

Hand warmers are a great stocking stuffer for the hunter in your life. Their perfect for working, fishing, hiking, skiing, camping, or any chilly activity. They’re air activated, orderless, and non-toxic. They will last up to 7 hours which is plenty long enough, even for the hard core hunter. We keep a box of them on hand all through hunting season.

8. Ready, Aim, Fire ($5-$120)

At first this gift may seem a little odd but trust me, every hunter goes through ammo and it isn’t cheap when you buy it all the time. Whether it’s shells for the shotgun, saboted bullets for the muzzleloader, or arrows for their bow this gift is sure to please. Do what you have to in finding out what type of ammo or arrows they use because you’ll need to get the exact same thing. They’ve already worked out what brand, size, and caliber they need so simply replenish their stock and they’ll be happy.

9. A Cutting Edge Idea ($50-$112)

Hunters use knives for all kinds of activities. Whether it’s dressing game or for everyday use, a knife is a hunter’s best friend. It can be hard to find a good gutting knife for dressing deer and other game. We’ve tried many different types and although it mostly comes down to simply using a sharp knife some are better than others. For dressing game, we like the new swingblade by Outdoor Edge. It flips from a gutting knife to a skinning knife. It’s essentially two blades in one and I can honestly say, it works pretty darn good. In addition to that, there are many types and brands of knives to choose from so do some investigating and go from there.

10. Let Them Do the Shopping ($any)

You can’t go wrong with a gift card from their favorite hunting store. Cabelas Gift Card, Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, Dicks Sporting Goods, or wherever it may be. You can get most gift cards at the store or online. Talk about convenient and they’ll get exactly what they want and need with it.

For a bonus, you could also be sure to put them on our mailing list so they are entered to win FREE gifts. Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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John Walton November 27, 2011 at 3:15 pm

I have a suggestion for #1 on the list:

I bought one of Jimmy’s grunt calls for myself (not a gift) and I’m impressed. I haven’t used it for hunting yet, but the sound quality of the call is impressive. I hope the deer like it as much as I do!



HuntingFreak December 16, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Thanks John, I will definitely check them out.


Bon "Idearella" Crowder December 7, 2010 at 7:15 am

This is an amazing list! Not only good ideas, but very cleverly written.



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