Trail Cameras Used as Security Camera

by HuntingFreak

Security Cameras

I recently spoke with another hunter while checking in my turkey this season. We got talking about trail cameras and how much they have changed the way we hunt. Camera technology has advanced so much in the past few years but the cost of a good trail camera has stayed affordable.

He recently used his trail camera to catch a window peeper. My initial reaction of WTF made him laugh! But he said, no seriously he had some evidence (hearing noises at night and some strange footprints) of a trespasser, peeping tom, thief or someone with bad intentions in his yard in the middle of the night. So he attached his Reconyx trail camera to the outside of his deck and pointed it towards the yard. It was somewhat hidden by some bushes but could still get good images if someone walked by it. He slapped a python cable lock on it and then waited.

It only took a couple of nights of security camera detective work but he caught some good images of a male wearing black pants and a hoodie. One image showed some facial hair and from that they were able to identify a man that lived alone in the neighborhood. The police used the images as evidence and charged the man with invasion of privacy. Unbelievable! I think after seeing the images I would have set a tree stand in the backyard and waited for him to do it again then gave him a good beat down. What a freaking perv! I hope he gets what he deserves.

I know this didn’t have much to do with hunting other than another use for a trail camera and the recon work done by my friend but I thought it was pretty cool to hear about a trail cam being used as a security camera. There are actually some great trail cameras that can be used for security. Read some security camera reviews to find one that works for your situation.

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