Turkey Hunting | 10 Tips To Remember

by HuntingFreak

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1. Try to locate turkeys in the evening. Listen for them to fly up to roost so you know where to setup the next morning.

2. In the morning slip in under darkness as close to the roost trees that you identified the night before. As the sun begins to come up, give a few light hen yelps to get the gobbler interested.

3. Use turkey decoys to attract a Tom or to distract him as he comes toward your call. We’ve had great results using a hen and jake decoy. Place them where you’ll have a good shot.

4. Bring a variety of different turkey calls with you. Slate calls, box calls, and mouth calls all work great but one may work better on a particular day.

5. If you can’t locate a Tom visually, try using a turkey locator call to get them to shock gobble giving away their position.

6. If a gobbler flies down from his roost away from your position, try sneaking in close to his roosting tree and waiting. More times than not a gobbler will swing back by his roost tree before going about his day.

7. If sitting in a ground blind, wear black instead of camouflage. It blends in better with the inside of the blind. Only open what windows you need for a good shot – let in as little light as possible.

8. If sitting on the ground, sit with your back against a large tree for better concealment. Position yourself for a shot prior to a turkey coming in. Turkeys have very keen eyesight and will spot the slightest movement.

9. When sitting out in the open, wear camouflage from head to toe. Only your eyes should be showing. Set up in the shade if you can. Use a camouflage gun or bow as well.

10. Always follow your state’s DNR laws about hunter orange and safety requirements. Enjoy the outdoors and take a child hunting.

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