Turkey Hunting Camo Mistakes to Avoid

by HuntingFreak

Turkey Hunting Camo Tips

The most common mistakes with camouflage can be troublesome but do not take much effort to fix as long as you are aware of them.

Missing a little thing like the glare from your hunting gear, your t shirt collar showing, or areas of bare skin can spook a big tom in a second and ruin a turkey hunt. Knowing what to look for and how to fix it can mean more success this turkey hunting season.

Hide Your Gear

Archery shops and online supply outfits offer an array of tools and supplies to help you disappear into the woods. Whether it’s camouflage gear, clothing, paint, netting fabric, or camo tape you can find camouflage products to help you pull off a disappearing act that will increase your chances of harvesting a wild turkey.

Camo ShotgunFor invisible-izing weapons and accessories, you can buy camo gun kits for both shotguns and rifles along with covers for bows and scopes. You can do your own passable camo job on a bow or gun even if you’ve never tried it before. If you’re not comfortable attempting it yourself or you want a more professional looking camo job, companies such as Active Camo Products can put a custom camo finish on your gun for you.

Whether you hunt with a shotgun, bow, or a rifle, you can use anti-slip tape in a camo pattern. Wrap any of your gear that isn’t printed in a camo pattern – this stuff will stick to any clean dry surface so don’t be shy with it.

Don’t Miss Anything

Wearing camouflage from head to toe is a must when turkey hunting but even if you’re equipped with all-camo clothing and gear, you don’t want a dumb mistake in your camo routine to ruin your hunt by letting a wary spring turkey spot you.

One of the biggest mistakes turkey hunters make in their camo is to miss something. Top contenders for items that stick out and give you away in the field are items with a solid color, glare, or a shine such as a gun barrel, jacket zipper, water bottle, knife sheath, boots, broadheads, your glasses, a watch, binoculars, or rangefinders. Hide these items with tape or netting.

Even if you’re wearing camo fabric from head to toe, having a crescent of white t-shirt creeping out above your camo jacket is a dead giveaway for a wary turkey scanning their surroundings.

You might stand in front of a mirror or do a visual check with your hunting partner to be sure you’re completely invisible but things can change when you sit down for awhile. Your pant legs might creep up two inches and display white socks or a non-camo under layer – that is a dead giveaway for turkeys.

Don’t forget boot laces. Even if you’re wearing camo hiking boots, make sure your laces are camo or well hidden. There is nothing natural in the woods that looks like the crisscross pattern of shoe laces. Turkeys spot little items like that and you’re busted.

Match your Environment

I’m not necessarily talking about wearing the right camo pattern for your area – I think that goes without saying. Don’t wear Mossy Oak duck blind camo if you’re going to setup in a wood lot. Another common mistake is wearing camo inside a hunting blind. I’m not saying you can’t kill a turkey this way because you can, but if you seem to get busted a lot while turkey hunting from a blind, you might want to match the inside of the blind a little better by wearing black.

The great thing about turkey hunting is you can pop up a blind and sit in it immediately and the turkey do not care – as long as they don’t see any movement. Try wearing black clothing if you have it. I sometimes turn my camo jacket or face mask inside out to better match the black background. Have someone sit inside your blind while you stand outside a ways back and see the difference in wearing camo or wearing black, you will be amazed.

Try following these simple turkey hunting camo tips and you’ll have a lot more birds around you this turkey season.

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Greg April 12, 2011 at 4:30 pm

Thanks for all the great tips, as a hunter with a disability it is difficult for me to get my wheelchair into deep cover. So I hunt the edges of properties as well. Good luck this season!


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